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  Facts of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

  Apnea - no breathing for at least 10 sec
  Hypopnea - decreased breathing for at least 10
    sec at 50% reduction with oxygen desaturations
  AHI - (apnea hypopnea index)- average amount of apneas
   and hypopneas per hour of sleep determined by a sleep study.
  Facts -

  - 1 in 15 of the general population has moderate to severe OSA
  - 9% of women and 25% men in their middle age
  - 75% of severe sleep disorder breathing patient are undiagnosed
  - 50% of people with type 2 diabetes have OSA
  - 35% of people with hypertension have OSA
  - 70% of people who have had a stroke have OSA

  Symptoms-(not limited to)
  - Excessive daytime sleepiness,
    including falling asleep while driving or watching TV
  - Snoring
  - Depression and other related mood disorders
  - Unable to concentrate
  - Forgetfulness
  - Waking up during sleep with a "choking" feeling
  - Headaches
  - Frequent urination at night
  - High blood pressure

Risk factors that may contribute (but not limited to) -
    - Male
    - Age
    - Obesity
    - Anatomy of airway including neck circumference
    - Smoking

About Our Respiratory Staff  >>    

Our respiratory department has a staff of licensed respiratory care practitioners with combined experience of over twenty years including extensive experience working in and with,  but not limited to sleep labs.  At P & R Medical Connection we work very hard to maximize CPAP and BiPAP compliance and find the right fit with your equipment. 

Our years of hospital experience has given us the tools needed to service our customers and patients with a wide variety of respiratory illness and disease management.  We are on call  twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for emergency purposes.

We work very closely with our area sleep labs to get you scheduled for your fitting within days,  so you can get the most important rest you have been missing,  to maintain good health.

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